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Mariah Garell is an American author writing across a range of fiction genres. As an Army veteran and wife, her geographic location changes regularly; she is not a Pacific Northwest native, but her heart lives there. While working to complete her Master’s degree in Arabic, her time is primarily occupied by motherhood, education, and travel. Writing is a lifelong passion that she squeezes into stolen moments.

Three things she couldn’t live without are her family, her coffee, and her community of killer creatives. Mariah is a fountain pen addict—listen, there are worse things—with a fetish for nice paper and ink that her husband doesn’t quite get. She believes in supporting and uplifting other authors, and advocates for the future of indie publishing everywhere.

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I've heard so much amazing things about this author. The premise of the book sounded so fantastic I pre-ordered it and can't wait to read it.

Marc R.

Absolutely loved this debut novel! Sarah was such a well written character. She had a great mix of inner light and determination and also compassion for people. David was was such a great show of how you can strive to be better and resolve wrongs that need to be fixed. Thoth, well I can’t say much on him or I ruin the intrigue. Let’s just say I"m waiting for the next book in the series and how this wonderful story will continue.

Jane Catherine

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